Technical Reports

From time-to-time, ACE publishes comprehensive technical reports on specific topics. Downloadable versions of the latest reports are available here.

TR: Shoreline Change at Roches Beach, South-Eastern Tasmania 1957-2010 (2010) In this report observations of increased coastal erosion indicate the influence of climate change. Results from a study of Roches Beach, Tasmania, show that during the 1970’s the beach changed from being stable to progressively receding. (Download Appendices).

TR: The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model v1.2 (2010). The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model is a computationally-efficient coupled atmosphere-sea ice-ocean general circulation model, suitable for studying climate variability and change on millennial timescales. This technical report prepared by Dr Steven Phipps of ACE CRC and University of NSW constitutes both technical documentation and a user’s guide for version 1.2. It has been written with beginners and experienced users in mind.

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