Dr Simon Alexander



Dr Simon Alexander is an Atmospheric Scientist with an interest in Southern Ocean and Antarctic clouds, Polar ozone processes and Atmospheric gravity waves.

Southern Ocean and Antarctic clouds – Dr Alexander will soon be involved in the deployment of a suite of instruments to Macquarie Island and Davis to characterise clouds and surface radiation from hourly to seasonal timescales. Weather and climate models are challenged by uncertainties and biases in the simulation of Southern Ocean clouds due to poor physical understanding of cloud processes, phases and feedbacks. These uncertainties result in year-round warm sea surface temperature biases which are mainly due to too little modelled cloud.

Polar ozone processes – Dr Alexander  was a Co-author of the World Meteorological Organisation Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2014.

Atmospheric gravity waves – Dr Alexander aims to help determine the sources and characteristics of small-scale atmospheric gravity waves in the high southern latitudes to provide constraints for improving their representation in forecasting and climate models.



Characterisation of Southern Ocean and Antarctic clouds and associated model evaluation studies will lead to improved weather forecasting and climate projections and should decrease the current Southern Ocean sea surface temperature biases found in models.

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