Dr Guy D Williams



Dr Williams is an ARC Future Fellow in ‘Autonomous platforms and biotagging: New insights into Antarctic ocean/sea ice interactions‘.

His background is in observational polar oceanography, focusing on dense shelf water formation in the coastal polynyas of East Antarctica and its role in the production of Antarctic Bottom Water.

Collaboration with marine mammal biologists has provided a wealth of new data and discoveries from elephant seals instrumented with oceanographic sensors. More recently he has worked with autonomous underwater vehicles in the retrieval of sea ice draft.

Dr Williams’ new work is developing a new unmanned aerial vehicle project to work in concert with the underwater vehicles for to map Antarctic sea ice from above and below.


Dr Guy Williams is a project leader for the ACE CRC’s Sea Ice Processes and Change project.  His current projects include:

• Sea ice production rates from instrumented Elephant seals.

• Characterisation of the Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ) structure and processes with AUV.

• Floe-size distribution from unmanned aerial vehicles.

• Modeling Antarctic sea ice processes from the coast to the MIZ with a global ocean-sea ice-iceshelf model (led by Dr Kusahara)

Sea Ice Processes and Change

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