Dr Rob Massom

Dr Rob Massom

Dr Massom is currently a senior research scientist specialising in sea ice and remote sensing. He is a member of ACE’s Cryosphere Program. He has been involved in polar research since joining the Sea Ice Group of the Scott Polar Research Institute (University of Cambridge, England) in 1980, initially working primarily in the Arctic (1980-1992) then the Antarctic (1986-present).

Dr Massom is also a senior researcher with Australian Antarctic Division.

His current research interests include:

  • changes in Antarctic sea ice and polar oceans and their physical and ecological significance, and bipolar comparisons
  • the impact of modes of large-scale anomalous atmospheric circulation and extreme events on sea ice properties and ecology;
  • remote sensing of sea ice and its validation;
  • snow cover on sea ice (characteristics and impacts);
  • sea ice and penguins; and
  • interactions between the Antarctic Ice Sheet and sea ice (including ice-shelf breakup processes)

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