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The Partnership

ACE is built on a strong, long-standing and productive collaboration between six core partners. It also has 15 supporting partners. Four of the supporting partners in ACE are commercial. These commercial collaborations underline the increasing recognition of the potential commercial impacts of climate change.

View: Dr Ian Allison (glaciologist) talking about the value of collaboration.


The Australian Antarctic Division leads Australia’s Antarctic program. Its charter is to ensure Australia’s Antarctic interests are advanced. The AAD provides ACE with research expertise and considerable logistics support.

The CSIRO Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research aims to advance Australian climate, marine and earth systems science. It provides ACE with research expertise across our programs.

The University of Tasmania, the fourth oldest in Australia, is an international university located in Hobart. It provides higher education for up and coming scientists and operational support for ACE.

The Department of Industry
 administers the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Program. It is an end user of our research.

The Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany, carries out research in the Arctic and Antarctic and coordinates German polar research. It collaborates across ACE research programs and also provides logistics support.

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand, is a research and consultancy company with a global reputation in water and atmospheric research. It collaborates with ACE on cryosphere and Southern Ocean circulation research and provides logistics support.


The Department of Environment develops and implements national policy, programs and legislation to protect and conserve Australia’s environment and heritage. The department uses ACE research to help guide this decision making.

The Tasmanian Government uses ACE’s research in formulating policy. It provides key funding for the Climate Futures project.

The Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling, UK, is a research centre that studies processes in the Earth’s polar latitudes. It collaborates with ACE on our cryosphere research.

The Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences concentrates on research in applied meteorology and atmospheric science. It collaborates with ACE on cryosphere research.

The Institute of Low Temperature Science, Japan, promotes interdisciplinary studies on various natural phenomena in the cryosphere. It collaborates with ACE on specific research projects and provides logistics support.

The First Institute of Oceanography
, China, is a comprehensive oceanographic research institute engaged in applied and basic research. It collaborates with ACE on Southern Ocean research projects and provides logistics support and observational equipment.

Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales, France, is a multi-disciplinary research organisation concerned with environmental research centred on physical oceanography, marine geochemistry and biogeochemistry, spatial hydrology and the dynamics of polar ice sheets. It collaborates with ACE on specific research projects and provides logistics support.

The National Institute of Polar Research, Japan, is an Inter-University Research Institute and a key institute for implementing Japanese Antarctic research programs. It collaborates in research across our Cryosphere, Carbon and Ecosystem Impacts programs.

The University of Texas, Austin, uses airborne, land-based and marine geophysical methods to better understand ice sheet evolution, climate and geologic setting in polar regions. It collaborates with the ACE Cryosphere Program on specific research projects.

The University of Texas at San Antonio Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics uses remote sensing equipment to investigate sea ice and collaborates with ACE on sea ice research.

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel collaborates with ACE on research projects on the Southern Ocean biological pump.

Myriax Software Pty Ltd, Australia, specialises in sophisticated fisheries acoustics technology and 4D geospatial software. It supports our research with specialised visualisation software.

pitt&sherry; is an award-winning Australian professional services company providing consulting engineering, scientific and building surveying services.  It collaborates on consulting projects and our Sea-Level Rise Impacts and Climate Futures research.

RPS MetOcean, Australia, is a leading consultancy providing oceanographic and meteorological services in support of coastal and ocean engineering and environmental protection. It collaborates on our Sea-Level Rise Impacts research.

SGS Economics and Planning Pty Ltd
, Australia, is a specialist economics and planning consulting company. It collaborates on consulting projects and our Sea-Level Rise Impacts research.

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