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ACE is Australia’s largest centre of Antarctic and Southern Ocean climate change research. Our research extends to include climate change impacts in Australia and Pacific. We have national and international extent and reach.

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean influence both the regional and global climate in profound ways. These vast areas will experience significant change as the world warms, and in turn those changes will impact on the global climate. Many of the impacts of climate change will be seen in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica before anywhere else on Earth.

It  is ACE’s role  to investigate the critical scientific uncertainties that limit the way Australia and the global community can respond to the impacts of these changes.

View: Dr Tony Press (ACE CEO) discusses the importance of ACE’s research

“Antarctic and Southern Ocean science is very collaborative – it relies on complex logistics and is expensive. Strong national and international collaborations have developed over many years among researchers and institutions engaged in Antarctic science. ACE is a unique partnership and provides the ‘glue’ for Australian and international research collaborations on the role of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in global climate and climate change.

“In recent years our research has been enhanced by collaborations with partners from the commercial sector who are interested in the practical use of our science.

“The ACE CRC partnership should not be underestimated: research conducted in the ACE CRC has been critical in the world’s understanding of how climate change is evolving, and the central role of the Antarctic in that change.” Dr Tony Press (CEO)

View: Dr Steve Rintoul discusses the value of the ACE partnership

Our Vision: Providing science, knowledge and understanding to help Australia meet the challenges of climate change.

Our Mission: Understanding the crucial role played by Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in global climate, and the impacts of climate change on Australia and the world.

Informing governments, the community and scientists about climate change to guide our future.

Our Values:

·       Integrity

·       Making a difference

·       Collaboration

·       Independence

·       Innovation

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