Dr Donna Roberts


Dr Roberts is a postdoctoral fellow with the ocean acidification team at ACE.

For over a decade, Dr Roberts has focused on the microscopic world in and around Antarctica – the plants and animals at the very bottom of the food chain that underpin entire ecosystems.

Currently, she is researching just how vulnerable the Southern Ocean ecosystem is to ocean acidification and how strongly even small changes in ocean pH will affect marine life, particularly pteropods: marine snails more poetically known as ‘sea butterflies’.

She focuses on the little things to illuminate some of the biggest issues facing the planet, particularly the increasingly worrying picture of ocean health in a changing climate.

Her research interests include:

–        Ocean acidification impacts on Southern Ocean plankton,

–        Antarctic and Southern Ocean plankton biodiversity and taxonomy,

–        Antarctic and Southern Ocean palaeoclimate, and

–        Science communication.


*pdf available upon request


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