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18th November 2014China-Australia MOU Welcomed
The ACE CRC has today welcomed the strengthening of scientific ties between Australia and China. The Chief Executive Officer of the ACE CRC, Profesor Tony Worby, said strengthening Australia’s international scientific collaborations with China would read more >
31st October 2014Message from the CEO
What a year it has been – not only for ACE but right across Australia’s Antarctic science sector. First and foremost, the ACE CRC was very pleased to welcome the announcement of $25 million from the Federal Government to extend our scientific read more >
31st October 2014Project ICECAP
The East Antarctic Ice Sheet is a vast and ancient layer of accumulated snow, covering almost all of Austalia's Antarctic territory. At close to five kilometres thick in places, it is the largest ice sheet on the planet by an order of magnitude.  If read more >
31st October 2014Seal scientists help solve climate questions
The world’s scientific community is a step closer to understanding the Southern Ocean’s role in regulating the global climate, with the release of the first batch of quality-controlled oceanographic data gathered by seals. The data, produced by read more >
31st October 2014ACE Fulbrighter Back Home
PhD student David Gwyther has returned from a 12-month research scholarship in the United States, where he has been modelling the impact of ocean warming and circulation changes on East Antarctic ice shelves. The opportunity to join ACE CRC’s read more >
31st October 2014Researchers to probe Totten mystery
The Totten Glacier is misbehaving. Unlike the other large glaciers that flow from the vast East Antarctic Ice Sheet, the Totten has begun rapidly thinning. Finding out why this is happening – and the likely impacts on future sea levels – read more >
19th September 2014Antarctic sea ice tops 20-million square kilometres
The area of sea ice surrounding Antarctica has exceeded 20-million square kilometres for the first time in recorded history. Dr Jan Lieser from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre based in Hobart, Tasmania, said that sea ice read more >
15th September 2014Antarctic sea ice cover hits new recorded maximum
Over the past few days, the sea ice surrounding Antarctica hit an all-time recorded maximum for the third year in a row. Satellite imagery reveals that the extent of Antarctic sea ice reached 19.619 million square kilometres on 12th September, more than read more >
29th May 20142014 ACE CRC Symposium
The ACE CRC will hold its bi-annual Symposium in Hobart, Tasmania, on 4 and 5 June 2014. This year's Symposium is entitled 'Looking Back: Looking Forward - Antarctic Science for the 21st Century'  and will provide a scientific context for future read more >
8th May 2014
The ACE CRC Board is pleased to announce that the new CEO of the ACE CRC from July 2014 is Dr Tony Worby. Dr Worby is currently the Deputy Chief (Marine) at CSIRO's Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research and was previously a Program Leader for the read more >
31st March 2014A bio-dome on the sea floor
ACE CRC senior research fellow Dr Donna Roberts features in Yale Environment 360 written by Jo Chandler. Click here for the full report.
11th March 2014Antarctic sea ice explained
The ACE CRC has launched Position Analysis: Antarctic Sea Ice and Climate Change 2014. This 44-page publication has been produced by Dr Jan Lieser and other sea ice scientists at the ACE CRC, the Australian Antarctic Division and the Institute for Marine read more >
19th February 2014Polar Science Open Day - March 9
So you want to be a polar scientist? The ACE CRC and the International Glaciological Society will hold a Polar Science Open Day in Hobart on Sunday March 9 from 10.30am – 2pm at the new IMAS Waterfront Building at 20 Castray Esplanade. Click here for read more >
6th February 2014Climate change science and solutions for Australia
Free Public Event with David Karoly, Tony Press, Susan Wijffels, Tom Trull and Ian Allison Tuesday, 11 February 2014 6-7.30 pmStanley Burbury Theatre, UTAS The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  (IPCC) "Climate read more >
5th February 2014Aust-Japan meeting to build Antarctic science collaboration
Japanese scientists visiting Hobart this week on their Antarctic research vessel Umitaka Maru will meet with Australian Antarctic scientists on Friday (7 February) to build on a long-standing scientific collaboration. The 30 Japanese scientists from the read more >
10th January 2014Seal of approval
On December 9 the ACE CRC chairwoman, Dr Katherine Woodthorpe, and sea-ice scientist Dr Guy Williams attended the 2013 CRC Showcase at Parliament House, Canberra. Dr Williams is pictured with the Minister for Industry, the Hon Ian Macfarlane MP. Dr read more >
10th January 2014Finding Global Solutions for Ocean Acidification
Australia, the United States and China have joined the Europe-based Ocean Acidification Reference User Group, giving its work a truly international focus. Dr Donna Roberts, a Senior Research Fellow with the ACE CRC, represented Australia at the first read more >
12th November 20132000 to 3000-year ice core record
An international team including scientists from the ACE CRC will drill a 2000 to 3000-year ice core climate record at Aurora Basin in east Antarctica this summer. ACE CRC/IMAS PhD student Mana Inoue (pictured right before leaving Casey Station for the read more >
31st October 2013How our oceans are changing
ACE CRC pteropod biologist Dr Donna Roberts has appeared in the documentary Acid Ocean produced by 360 Degrees Films. Click here to see what she had to say and here for more information on the documentary and the people behind it.
29th October 201320 Year Australian Antarctic Strategic Plan
The Federal Government has kicked off its commitment to deliver a 20-Year Australian Antarctic Strategic Plan which will deliver investment and jobs for Tasmania. The Plan will be headed by ACE CEO Dr Tony Press and will draw on a panel of experts in read more >
16th September 2013Message from the CEO
Since the last ACE News the ACE CRC has been busy preparing a new science research plan for the next round of funding for five years from July 2014. The ACE board has agreed that the focus for the next five years will be to understand the role of read more >
30th August 2013Arctic more vulnerable to acidification
Research by ACE CRC chemical oceanographer Elizabeth Shadwick serves as a warning against generalisations about how the high-latitude polar environments will respond to climate change. Her work, with ACE Carbon Program leader Tom Trull, Dalhousie read more >
13th August 2013Atlas of Southern Ocean life
An international team of scientists, including ACE CRC pteropod biologist Donna Roberts, has been recognized for compiling an atlas that maps the location of thousands of Southern Ocean species.Dr Roberts is the lead author of the pteropod chapter for the read more >
13th August 2013Go forth and collaborate …
ACE CRC scientist Guy Williams has been chosen as one of 14 Australian delegates to take part in the Australia-China Young Researchers Exchange Program. Under the program, which is run by the Group of Eight universities, Dr Williams will visit three read more >
30th July 2013Registration open for IGS sea-ice symposium
The International Glaciological Society [IGS] will hold its fourth sea ice symposium in Hobart, Tasmania, from 10-14 March 2014. Registration is now open for the symposium on "Sea Ice in a Changing Climate". The symposium aims to assess the current state read more >
10th July 2013Key Antarctic species under threat from ocean acidification
New research, led by the Australian Antarctic Division, indicates serious challenges facing Antarctic krill - the primary food source for whales, seals and penguins - due to acidification in the Southern Ocean. In the first study of its kind to explore read more >
22nd June 2013Ian Allison wins Phillip Law Medal
ACE CRC glaciologist Professor Ian Allison is the recipient of this year’s Phillip Law Medal for his outstanding contribution to Antarctic affairs and the Antarctic community. The Medal is awarded annually by the ANARE Club, which represents former read more >
7th June 2013Published in Nature . . .
ACE CRC oceanographer Catia Domingues is among the authors on a Nature paper that examines the past six years of research into the impact of climate change on ice sheet contribution to sea level rise. The paper, “Ice-sheet mass balance and climate read more >
29th May 2013Strategic Science in Antarctica
The 'Strategic Science in Antarctica' Conference will be held in Hobart from 24-26 June 2013 at the University of Tasmania. The conference will focus on current research occurring on the icy continent and in the Southern Ocean. Featuring a number of read more >
14th May 2013Message from the CEO
We are delighted at the decision by the Federal Government, to be formally announced in today’s Budget, to continue the funding of the ACE CRC. This will allow the continuation of world-class research into the impacts of climate change on read more >
18th April 2013Sea ice reports for season 2012-2013 released
TR: Sea ice reports vol 2 for the season 2012-2013: This report is a compilation of weekly sea ice reports for the East Antarctic. The reports were prepared to support ship operations in the region during the season of 2012-2013. They were primarily used read more >
3rd April 2013Ocean-ice shelf modeller wins Fulbright Scholarship
Ocean modeller David Gwyther has won a Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship and will spend 12 months at the University of Texas at Austin helping to develop models of ocean and ice shelf interaction.“This interaction is a poorly understood but critical read more >
3rd April 2013ADF must prepare for climate change role, says new report
The Australian Defence Force should consider the implications of climate change and develop strategies to ensure it can respond, according an Australian Strategic Policy Institute special report co-authored by the CEO of the Antarctic Climate & read more >
2nd April 2013Scientists retrieve 30-year record from Law Dome
Scientists from the ACE and AAD successfully drilled a 30-metre ice core in East Antarctica in February, bringing home a single continuous climate record from the Law Dome site spanning the past 30 years.The ice core will be used to extend the calibration read more >
18th March 2013Two ice-core methods reach same time-lag conclusion
Findings published by European researchers in the journal Science show temperatures and atmospheric carbon dioxide amounts increased simultaneously during the last major warming period, confirming findings that ACE CRC paleo-climate expert Dr Joel Pedro read more >
25th February 2013Scientists solve 30-year mystery of the deep
Scientists, with the help of seals, have solved a 30-year mystery surrounding the formation of the global ocean’s coldest, deepest waters. Until now they had known that the cold, dense bottom waters of the global ocean originated at three different read more >
7th February 2013Access Canute - the Sea Level Calculator
Scientists at ACE have developed a webtool to help with adaptation to sea-level rise. Our free software can help you plan for these events at a localised level. Access Canute     
31st January 2013Joint Aus/NZ voyage will study how Antarctica affects ocean currents
A team of 22 Australian, New Zealand and French scientists will depart Wellington next week, onboard the RV Tangaroa, for a 42-day voyage to the Mertz Polynya region of Antarctica.  The voyage is part of the ACE CRC research program and is bring read more >
23rd January 2013CEO's message
It was a great honour for Australia and Hobart to host 200 scientists from around the world in January for the fifth meeting of Working Group 1 Lead Authors for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 5th Assessment Report.  Working read more >
18th December 2012Research helps scientists understand Antarctic food web climate change risk
A new dataset that highlights the dependence of algae on Antarctic sea ice will help scientists predict future food security for Southern Ocean herbivores such as krill. Scientists at the ACE CRC led an international effort to compile a circum-Antarctic read more >
6th December 2012ACE CRC team wins national award
A team of researchers from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC in Hobart has won a national award for work that projects the local impacts of climate change throughout Tasmania over the remainder of this century. The team from the Climate Futures read more >
5th December 2012ACE biologist wins funding for world's first polar sea-floor bio-dome
An ACE CRC researcher has secured funding to undertake the world’s first polar sea-floor carbon dioxide enrichment experiment. Dr Donna Roberts, a marine biologist who specialises in the impacts of rising CO2 on tiny shell-forming organisms, read more >
26th November 2012All about the biology
ACE post-doc Elizabeth Shadwick has returned from Duke University in the US after winning a SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) fellowship. During her time at Duke, Dr Shadwick, a biogeochemist, was working with equilibrator inlet mass read more >
16th November 2012Antarctic voyage brings home rare glimpse under the sea ice
An international sea ice voyage has returned to Hobart with spectacular images of the world beneath the East Antarctic sea ice. Researchers on board Australia’s icebreaker, Aurora Australis, spent two months in Antarctica studying the link between read more >
5th November 2012Canute will help coastal planners adapt to rising sea levels
Scientists have developed a calculator that can guide coastal planners on theheight and positioning necessary for infrastructure to avoid inundation and erosion assea levels rise. The webtool, called Canute – the Sea Level Calculator, will estimate read more >
11th October 2012First 3-D map of under the East Antarctic sea ice
For the first time in East Antarctica, climate scientists have produced a three-dimensional (3-D) map of the surface beneath a sea ice floe, revealing an inverted complex topography evocative of lakes and mountain ranges. Researchers on a two-month voyage read more >
21st September 2012National award for young ACE CRC scientist
Dr Andrew Bowie, a senior research scientist with the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC) in Hobart, has been named the 2012 Scopus Young Researcher of the Year in the Physical Sciences category.Dr Bowie is a marine read more >
14th September 2012High-tech Antarctic voyage will investigate life in the sea-ice zone
For the first time under-ice and airborne vehicles will be used simultaneously to investigate the impacts of climate change on the sea-ice environment off East Antarctica.   An autonomous, underwater vehicle will measure the thickness of sea-ice read more >
30th August 2012Ice cores reveal unusual decline in Eastern Australian rainfall
Researchers from the ACE CRC and the Australian Antarctic Division have found evidence from ice cores of a long term decline in average annual rainfall in eastern Australia, with records revealing that rainfall since about1920 is below the average of the read more >
24th July 2012Research closes gap between warming and CO2 rise
Scientists have shed new light on one of the most important questions in climate science: the time lag between changes in temperature and changes in atmospheric CO2 levels in the past.Their findings suggest that feedbacks in the climate system – in read more >
11th July 2012Australia leads on Southern Ocean carbon dioxide monitoring
Australia’s Marine National Facility research vessel, Southern Surveyor, returns this week to the Southern Ocean in a pilot project to measure the air-sea exchange of heat, moisture, carbon dioxide and oxygen in the sub-Antarctic ocean, and at the read more >
3rd July 2012Sea-Level Rise Report Card released
The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC has launched a synopsis that pullstogether the past decade of peer-reviewed scientific research into sea-level rise.Report Card: Sea Level Rise 2012 is a summary of research into past, present andprojected future read more >
21st June 2012Antarctic Medal
The 2012 Antarctic Medal has been awarded to four people for outstanding service to the Australian Antarctic program. The Antarctic medals were awarded to oceanographer Dr Steve Rintoul and medical practitioner Dr James Doube, with a posthumous award for read more >
13th June 2012Humans primary cause of global ocean warming over past 50 years
Oceans have warmed in the past 50 years, but not by natural events alone. This is the finding of research published by an international team of scientists including ACE CRC/CSIRO oceanographer Catia Domingues and ACE CRC Honorary Research Fellow John read more >
21st May 2012Oceanographer wins international prize
ACE CRC Oceans Program leader Dr Steve Rintoul has been awarded the prestigious 2012 Martha T. Muse Prize for Science and Policy in Antarctica (www.museprize.org) for his outstanding research on the Southern Ocean. See Dr Steve Rintoul interviewed about read more >
9th May 2012Potential regime shift in decreased sea ice production after Mertz Glacier calving
Sea ice production, which is critical to the formation of Antarctic Bottom Water, has declined significantly off George V Land in East Antarctica since the calving of the Mertz Glacier Tongue in February 2010.Scientists from the Antarctic Climate & read more >
12th April 2012The climate close to home
The ACE CRC has produced 29 separate climate profiles for Tasmanian local government areas. The climate profiles highlight key results, at a local level, from the Climate Futures for Tasmania project.Information is provided on past and current climate, and read more >
29th March 2012Sea-ice scientists set sights on Spring
The Antarctic spring of 2012 will see the culmination of years of preparation for the ACE CRC sea-ice group, who will lead an international multi-disciplinary sea ice voyage to East Antarctica. More than 50 scientists, from 14 institutions and seven read more >
29th March 2012Vale Neil Adams
It is with great sadness that we mark the unexpected death of Dr Neil Adams from the Bureau of Meteorology. Neil was a colleague of the ACE CRC and a respected and well-loved member of the whole Antarctic community. He had a formal association with the ACE read more >
29th March 2012CEO’s message: ACE Symposium puts spotlight on young scientists
The ACE CRC held another highly successful ACE Symposium on the 8th and 9th of March. The Symposium, From Discovery to Cutting Edge Science, focused on the achievements of ACE early career researchers. Once again registrations for the Symposium exceeded read more >
28th March 2012New PhD builds on Mertz knowledge
Former ACE CRC researcher Lydie Lescarmontier has been awarded her PhD following a formal defence and examination procedure at LEGOS in Toulouse, France.Dr Lescarmontier was a “co-tutelle” student between LEGOS and the University of read more >
28th March 2012Glaciologist selected for European climate conference
Investigations of climate teleconnections using the Law Dome ice core chemistry record has led to ACE glaciologist Tessa Vance successfully applying to attend a specialist European Science Foundation conference.The Modes of Variability in the Climate read more >
28th March 2012Academy honours sea-level rise expert
ACE CRC Honorary Research Fellow Dr John Church has been elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. Dr Church is a CSIRO Fellow and was formerly leader of the ACE Sea-Level Rise Program. The Academy has recognised him for providing pre-eminent read more >
28th March 2012Samples provide first pieces in giant algae puzzle
Scientists at the ACE CRC have begun analysing samples taken from the massive algal bloom first sighted by satellite off East Antarctica’s Cape Darnley in late February. Information on species composition is likely to be significant in determining read more >
27th March 2012New chapter in the Amundsen story
The ACE CRC recently hosted a visit by distinguished Norwegian polar scientist, administrator and diplomat Dr Olav Orheim.  Dr Orheim was visiting the CRC to work with Jo Jacka, Barry Giles and Ian Allison on three decades of iceberg sighting data.Dr read more >
27th March 2012Carbon farming appointment
ACE CEO Dr Tony Press has been appointed to the Australian Government’s expert panel to assess proposed methods for developing carbon credits under the Carbon Farming Initiative.  “The Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee will ensure that read more >
4th March 2012Remarkable natural event visible from space
 As summer comes to a close, wind blowing snow off the Amery Ice Shelf in East Antarctica appears to have released nutrients which, combined with sunlight, have triggered a massive algal bloom (believed to be phaeocystis).  The size of the bloom read more >
19th December 2011CEO's message: A century of science
A century on from the start of Douglas Mawson’s epic and heroic Antarctic venture, we can see the value of Australia’s Antarctic efforts. One of the aims of his Australasian Antarctic Expedition was to try to study the links between the read more >
15th December 2011Practical focus for sea-level rise research
ACE sea-level rise expert Dr John Hunter is removing some of the guesswork for engineers, planners and developers of new coastal buildings. Dr Hunter’s latest analysis combines two sets of information – the current frequency of flooding events read more >
15th December 2011London calling . . .
ACE CRC Carbon scientist Elizabeth Shadwick has won a trip to the Planet Under Pressure conference in London in March 2012, where she will represent fellow early-career researchers from the international research project LOICZ (Land-Ocean Interactions in read more >
15th December 2011Carbon researcher rewarded
ACE CRC researcher Dr Delphine Lannuzel is the recipient of a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award from the Australian Research Council. The funding will contribute to Dr Lannuzel’s research into the role of sea ice as a natural fertiliser in the read more >
13th December 2011Let's talk about climate science
Climate scientists from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC (ACE CRC) are meeting the public face to face to explain the science of climate change. The public forums are called The Climate Conversations and began in New South Wales with visits to Port read more >
29th November 2011Southern Ocean is warming and freshening
The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC has launched a synopsis of the latest scientific research into changes in the temperature, salinity, acidity and circulation in the Southern Ocean. The Southern Ocean plays a critical role in global and regional read more >
22nd November 2011Australia’s Antarctic interests: Tony Press writes on the recently released report from the Lowy Institute
The release this week of the Lowy Institute report “Antarctica: Assessing and Protecting Australia’s National Interests” is timely and likely to stimulate much discussion about Australia’s future presence in Antarctica.  In read more >
6th October 2011New research projects an increase in Tasmania’s extreme weather events
Tasmanians can expect to see an increase in intense rainfall events as well as more hot days and warm nights as the climate changes throughout this century. These are some of the findings contained the Climates Futures for Tasmania Technical Report on read more >
8th September 2011New depth of understanding in the Pacific
ACE CRC scientists have recently undertaken a GEOTRACES section in the southwest Pacific Ocean.  For the first time, full ocean water column samples - from surface to sea floor – were taken east of Australia for the analysis of trace elements read more >
8th September 2011Bushfires research will build on Climate Futures work
New ACE research into bushfire risk in a changing climate will help to guide long term planning by Tasmania’s emergency services.The two-year project will use regional climate model projections developed in the Climate Futures for Tasmania (CFT) read more >
7th September 2011
New funding from the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency will enable the mapping of sea level rise impacts at points around the entire Australian coastline, including the effect of surges from tropical cyclones. It will also indicate the read more >
7th September 2011Sea level planning tool goes national
New funding from the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency will enable the mapping of sea level rise impacts at points around the entire Australian coastline, including the effect of surges from tropical cyclones. It will also indicate the read more >
7th September 2011Report summarises coastal policies
ACE has prepared and published a comprehensive summary of Australian coastal planning policy responses to sea level rise. The Government Coastal Planning Responses to Rising Sea Levels, Australia and Overseas Technical Report is available on the ACE read more >
7th September 2011Read all about us
The ACE CRC has published a user-friendly summary of it achievements in 2010. Year in Review 2010 has been produced to provide stakeholders with an update of the scientific research in all ACE programs – Oceans, Cryosphere, Carbon, Ecosystems read more >
7th September 2011Celebrating Australia's role in Antarctica
  The ACE CRC was one of the hosts of a successful symposium held in Hobart on August 24 to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Australian Antarctic Territory. About 80 people attended the public symposium to hear 15 speakers, who covered the spectrum read more >
7th September 2011New website with upgraded features
ACE has recently re-launched its website, unveiling a brand new look. The new site retains the same address, is user-friendly and provides access to a greater store of reports and publications. Visitors can see video clips of ACE scientists discussing read more >
6th September 2011Research excellence recognised
ACE research fellow Dr Delphine Lannuzel is to receive a Vice Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence from UTAS. The award recognises outstanding performance as an early career researcher. Criteria for those receiving the award include read more >
6th September 2011
Two Southern Ocean moorings that take measurements aimed at improving scientists’ understanding of how the ocean processes carbon were successfully redeployed in August. ACE Carbon program leader Professor Tom Trull led the voyage from Hobart on the read more >
6th September 2011Moorings back in the Roaring Forties
Two Southern Ocean moorings that take measurements aimed at improving scientists’ understanding of how the ocean processes carbon were successfully redeployed in August.ACE Carbon program leader Professor Tom Trull led the voyage from Hobart on read more >
6th September 2011Storm surge forces shoreline retreat
Those doubting the likely impacts of climate change might be convinced by a visit to Roches Beach in Tasmania, where residents saw the potential impact of rising sea levels on their doorstep on the weekend of July 9-10. Roches Beach, just 20 minutes east read more >
16th August 2011Australia’s Antarctic interests: Tony Press writes on the report from the Lowy Institute
  The release this week of the Lowy Institute report “Antarctica: Assessing and Protecting Australia’s National Interests” is timely and likely to stimulate much discussion about Australia’s future presence in read more >
7th July 2011Symposium will celebrate 75 years of the Australian Antarctic Territory
It is 75 years since Australia’s legal recognition of the lands that Douglas Mawson explored,  a vast area that became known as the Australian Antarctic Territory. On August 24 a free public symposium will be held in Hobart to review read more >
14th June 2011Strong interest in Climate Conversations
More than 60 members of the public turned out for the Climate Conversations forum in South Arm on Wednesday night. ACE scientists John Hunter and Joel Pedro, and Louise Gilfedder from the Tasmanian Government's Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water read more >
2nd June 2011New insights into the formation of the East Antarctic ice sheet
Media Release June 2, 2011 An international team has shed new light on what lies beneath a large slice of the East Antarctic ice sheet. The research reveals a vast, smooth and deep bedrock basin, reaching more than a kilometre below sea level, bordered by read more >
31st May 2011Message from the CEO
Iceberg B9B did Antarctic scientists a favour in January 2010 when it dislodged the Mertz Glacier tongue, revealing a whole new underwater environment previously covered by hundreds of metres of ice. This has allowed a great natural experiment to read more >
31st May 2011Building a picture of life in the sea-ice zone
  ACE CRC scientists have made a major contribution to research in the sea-ice zone. ACE CRC authors are represented in 13 of the 20 peer-reviewed papers in a special volume of the international journal Deep Sea Research II published in May. This read more >
31st May 2011Climate Futures research put to work
The results of fine-scale climate modelling by scientists from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre are now being put to use by Tasmanian farmers, businesses and the State Government. The Climate Futures for Tasmania project, read more >
18th May 2011Ocean acidification film features ACE CRC scientist
  ACE CRC ocean acidification project leader Donna Roberts is featured in the new documentary "Ocean Acidification: Connecting Science, Industry, Policy and Public". The video also includes HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, school children, a read more >
11th May 2011Antarctic community mourns loss of champion
Obituary - Ambassador Jorge :   Born San Bernardo, Chile, January 29 1929;  died 8 May 2011, Santiago de Chile The Antarctic community is mourning the passing of one of its most significant diplomats, Ambassador Jorge Berguño, read more >
9th May 2011Reading between the bubbles
See ACE CRC Cryosphere program leader Dr Tas Van Ommen in conversation with the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Tony Burke. They discuss ice cores and how these can be used to ascertain the climate history and read more >
14th April 2011Hidden Talents of Baleen Whales
Click below to see the poster explaining important research by scientists from the ACE CRC, the Australian Antarctic Division and the University of Tasmania featured on the ABC's Catalyst program. The research, published in the journal Fish and read more read more >
5th April 2011ACE CRC launches Southern Ocean Acidification Report Card
Photo: Antarctic Corals There is increasing concern among scientists that ocean acidification, the so-called "evil twin" of climate change, could affect the functioning of whole marine ecosystems, and in particular, polar ecosystems. This concern is read more >
31st March 2011Climate Futures puts Research to Work
    The Climate Futures for Tasmania Water and Catchments Techincal report projects how changing rainfall will impact on water for hydro-electric power generation The results of fine-scale climate modelling by scientists from the Antarctic read more >
10th March 2011Research shines a light on new agricultural landscape
The most detailed research so far into the likely impacts of climate change on Tasmanian agriculture reveals a changing farming landscape throughout the 21 st Century. The research has been undertaken by the Climate Futures for Tasmania project for the read more >
10th March 2011Rivers and catchments will change with the climate
River flows and patterns of rainfall runoff will change in the 21 st century as the impacts of climate change are felt in Tasmania, detailed modelling by the Climate Futures for Tasmania project shows.The research has been undertaken for the Tasmanian read more >
16th December 2010Dr. Steve Rintoul visits Narraweena Public School
Dr. Steve Rintoul, Leader of ACE’s Oceans Program, visited Narraweena Public School as part of the Grand Prize for the Seals for the Reef Colouring Competition. Dr. Steve spoke to 120 nine and ten year-olds about Seals for the Reef, climate change, read more >
7th December 2010Minister praises ACE's work
Photo: ACE glaciologist Dr Andrew Moy explains the use of ice cores to Mr McKim. The Tasmanian Minister for Climate Change, Nick McKim, has praised the contribution of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC) at the read more >
30th November 2010Final ICECAP is up, up and away
Photo: ICECAPs ski-equipped DC-3T Basler aircraft ACE CRC glaciologists Dr Roland Warner and Dr Jason Roberts are now working on the third and final field survey for the international ICECAP Project.ICECAP will provide a better understanding of the read more >
30th November 2010The Climate Conversations
Photo: Dr Tessa Vance Some of Australia’s leading climate scientists from the ACE CRC and the Australian Antarctic Division have begun a series of community forums designed to encourage a conversation between scientists and the public about climate read more >
30th November 2010Australian first in climate projections
The first Climate Futures for Tasmania technical report, which projects the State’s climate at a localised level until the end of this century, has been launched and its findings are being discussed with the communities who will use them. Six global read more >
30th November 2010Message from the CEO
Photo: Dr Tony Press ACE CRC CEO. Our research in action The ACE CRC’s Climate Futures for Tasmania project has hit top gear and the results are being published and distributed in Tasmania, and nationally. The project has used Tasmania’s read more >
30th November 2010Royal connection lends voice to ocean acidification alert
Photo: Dr Donna Roberts Leader - Team Acid. Ocean acidification is known as the evil twin of climate change, but until recently has attracted only a fraction of the public attention. Now Prince Albert II of Monaco has given his voice to the cause with the read more >
30th November 2010The edge of East Antarctica as you've never seen it before
Photo: Alex Fraser on sea ice on the edge of East Antarctica. ACE CRC sea ice scientist Alex Fraser has produced a picture of the East Antarctic coastline never seen before. His PhD research has brought together more than 125,000 satellite images to show read more >
17th November 2010Media Release November 17, 2010 Climate Conversations begins tour of Tasmania
Photo: Ice core scientist Dr Tessa Vance in the field. Some of Australia’s leading climate scientists will take their research direct to the people in Launceston tomorrow (Thursday 18 November 2010 ) with an interactive panel discussion on climate read more >
14th October 2010Climate Futures for Tasmania General Climate Impacts Technical Report released
CFT General Climate Impacts Technical Report Media Release, October 12, 2010 The results of fine-scale climate modelling by Tasmanian scientists were launched on October 12 in a report that projects changes to the climate on a local scale out to the end read more >
7th October 2010Creating a climate conversation
Photo: The panel took the public’s questions on sea level rise. ACE CRC ice core scientist Dr Tessa Vance and Cryosphere Program leader Dr Tas van Ommen took their climate change knowledge direct to the public in September. Tessa and Tas, with IMAS read more >
21st September 2010Ice scientist hits career highlight
Dr Mark Curran, ACE CRC ice core scientist was on hand when a drilling expedition hit bedrock under an ice sheet in Greenland. Watch the news story from the ABC TV news by clicking on the link read more >
6th September 2010ACE tackles Tasmanias climate future
Map 1: GCM 6 month mean summer precipitation. Climate Futures for Tasmania, breaks new ground in making climate modelling science accessible to the community. This project, now in its final year, has confidently demonstrated the value of dynamically read more >
6th September 2010New Map of Antarcticas Icy Edge
The world’s largest ice sheet, in Antarctica, is losing mass and this has implications for sea-level rise. Ice is slipping into the sea from the continent’s edge faster than snowfall is accumulating in the high-altitude interior. This read more >
6th September 2010New observations of increased coastal erosion indicate the influence of climate change.
Photo: Coastal Erosion at Roches Beach Results from a study of Roches Beach, Tasmania, show that during the 1970’s the beach changed from being stable to progressively receding. "What we have seen over the last few decades conforms with what we read more >
6th September 2010Message from the CEO
Photo: ACE CEO, Dr Tony Press. It really is time to stop shooting the messenger and get serious about climate change science. The Australian Academy of Science recently released its report on the science of climate change, The Science of Climate Change: read more >
24th August 2010ACE Symposium 2010 a Great Success
Over 100 delegates attended the ACE Annual Symposium on 19th August 2010. The theme was ’Towards the IPCC 5th Assessment Report’. Key scientists presented a synposis of their research programs, in particular, focussing on planned contributions read more >
13th August 2010ACE scientists attend largest ever gathering of polar scientists, Oslo Norway
The International Polar Year (IPY) Science Conference, held in Oslo, Norway, June 8 to 12 was the largest ever gathering of polar scientists. The nearly 2000 delegates at the meeting included about 30 from Australia of which 6 were from ACE. Collaborators read more >
13th August 2010QANTAS Supports Seals for the Reef Project
As part of the Qantas Group’s commitment to raising awareness around the environment, Qantas is funding a leading-edge research project aimed at providing knowledge that will support the ability to protect the Great Barrier Reef in the face of read more >
25th June 2010Package of ACE Position Analyses
A package of ACE Position Analyses published between 2008 to 2009 is available for download. It comprises a set of 6 plain language science assessments for policy-makers, covering key topics such as sea-level rise, ocean fertilisation, ocean read more >
15th June 2010ACE Technical Report:
The CSIRO Mk3L climate system model is a computationally-efficient coupled atmosphere-sea ice-ocean general circulation model, suitable for studying climate variability and change on millennial timescales. This technical report prepared by Dr Steven Phipps read more >
7th June 2010Measuring the climate on ice
When the world’s climate scientists measure the thickness of snow on polar sea ice in future using satellite radar, the accuracy of their results is likely to depend on the studies of a young electrical engineer from the University of read more >
4th June 2010QANTAS supports an important research project to be undertaken by ACE in partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation
SYDNEY, 4 June 2010: Qantas today announced that it would back an important climate change research project in the Great Southern Ocean as part of its strong commitment to environmental sustainability.The project, to be undertaken by the Antarctic Climate read more >
4th June 2010ACE Overview Movie Clip
ACE is a unique collaboration comprising 6 core and 17 other research participants. We are investigating the critical scientific uncertainties, that limit Australia’s and the global community’s ability to respond effectively to climate change. read more >
8th May 2010The new Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC
Tony Press  ACE CRC  CEO Since the last newsletter the ACE CRC has been successfully reincarnated. The ’new’ ACE CRC began on 1 January 2010, and, at the time of writing, almost all the official paperwork has been signed sealed and read more >
8th May 2010Calving of Mertz Glacier and its impacts
Photo: Mertz Glacier Polynya March 20 2010. In mid-February 2010, a massive iceberg designated B09B collided with the Mertz Glacier Tongue, the section of the glacier that protruded about 100 km out from the Antarctic coastline at about 145°E. The read more >
8th May 2010ACE tackles Tasmania's climate future
One of the exciting projects ACE is involved in is Climate Future for Tasmania. This project, now in its final year, uses the climate history of Tasmania, world climate models, future climate scenarios and a huge amount of computer processing to make read more >
8th May 2010ACE CRC goes in search of minute traces of elements in the Southern Ocean with global impact
Why does anyone care about minute amounts of trace elements in our oceans - elements found at concentrations of less than 100 parts per trillion? The International Polar Year or ’IPY’, an international collaborative effort researching polar read more >
16th March 2010Deep-sea Volcanoes play an important role in Southern Ocean Carbon storage
In research published on-line today in the respected international journal Nature Geoscience, Australian and French scientists have shown for the first time that hot waters exiting at hydrothermal vents around underwater volcanos are a significant source read more >
26th February 2010Large Iceberg breaks off the Mertz Glacier in the Australian Antarctic Territory
Photo: Mertz Glacier. A joint Australian - French study has discovered the calving of a large iceberg from the Mertz Glacier in the Australian Antarctic Territory. The iceberg, 78 kilometres long with a surface area of 2,500 square kilometres, broke off read more >
9th February 2010WA weather records play big role in climate jigsaw puzzle
Photo: Dr Tony Press, Director, ACE CRC. [Published in the West Australian, 8/2/2010] One hundred years ago Douglas Mawson was preparing for his historic voyage to Antarctica. Mawson’s purpose was to be among the first to explore the frozen read more >
18th January 2010The Copenhagen Diagnosis: Climate science report
It is more than three years since the drafting of text was completed for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report (AR4). In the meantime, many hundreds of papers have been published on a suite of topics related to read more >
5th January 2010Iceberg B17B in the Southern Ocean
Latest known position of largest section of B17B:31-Dec-2009Latitude: 49 35.2 SLongitude: 113 57.5 EArea: About 43 sq kmLength: 14 kmWidth: 3.2 kmB17B, a very large Antarctic iceberg, has drifted north and east across the Southern Ocean into the south read more >
5th January 2010ACE CRC 2008-09 Annual Report
The latest ACE CRC annual report is out with information on our Antarctic and Southern Ocean climatechange and environmental research.   Annual Report 2010
30th November 2001Sea ice reports for season vol 2 (2012-2013) released
TR: Sea ice reports for the season vol 2 2012-2013: This report is a compilation of weekly sea ice reports for the East Antarctic. The reports were prepared to support ship operations in the region during the season of 2012-2013. They were primarily used read more >
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