Dr Julia Jabour

Climate Science for Australia's Future


Research Profile

Dr Julia Jabour

Leader – Ocean and Antarctic Policy Research Program

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

University of Tasmania

Private Bag 129

HOBART, 7001, Tasmania, Australia

+61 3 6226 2978         julia.jabour@utas.edu.au


Selected Recent Publications

Woehler EJ, Ainley D and Jabour J (2014) Human Impacts to Antarctic Wildlife: Predictions and Speculations for 2060. In Tin T, Liggett D, Maher P and Lamers M (eds) Antarctic Futures: Human engagement with the Antarctic Environment, Dordrecht: Springer 27–60 

Jabour J (2014) Strategic Management and Regulation of Antarctic Tourism. In Tin T, Liggett D, Maher P and Lamers M (eds) Antarctic Futures: Human engagement with the Antarctic Environment, Dordrecht: Springer 273–286  

Jabour J (2013) Biological Prospecting in Antarctica: Fair game? In Brady A-M (ed) The Emerging Politics of Antarctica. Abingdon: Routledge, 242–257

Tracey S, Buxton C, Gardner C, Green B, Hartmann K, Haward M, Jabour J and J Lyle (2013) ‘Super trawler’ scuppered in Australian fisheries management reform, Fisheries 38:8, 341–347

Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Strategic Insights #66: Cold Calculations: Australia’s Antarctic Challenges. Contributing author (October 2013), pp13–14

Haward M, Jabour J and McDonald J (2013) Small Fish in a Big Pond: Lessons from the Abel Tasman Controversy, Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs 5:1, 22–27

Jabour J (2013) The Utility of Official Antarctic Inspections: Symbolism without Sanction? Liggett D and Hemmings AD (eds) Exploring Antarctic Values. Proceedings of the workshop “Exploring Linkages between Environmental Management and Value Systems: The case of Antarctica, Christchurch, NZ, December 2011, 90–107 

Jabour J (22 July 2013) Trend Lines: Global Insider: Antarctic Marine Protection Process Still Healthy Despite Talks' Failure, World Politics Review,  

Jabour J (26 April 2013) Bioprospecting in the frozen continent, The Strategist (The Australian Strategic Policy Institute Blog), http://www.aspistrategist.org.au/bioprospecting-in-the-frozen-continent/ 

Press, T and Jabour J (17 April 2013) Explainer: Australia takes Japan to court on whaling, The Conversation

Jabour J (30 November 2012) Trend Lines: Antarctic marine protection is working, World Politics Review,

Paterson DM, Defew EC and Jabour J (2012) Ecosystem function and co-evolution of terminology in marine science and management. In Solan M, Aspden RJ and Paterson DM (eds) Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning: Frameworks, Methodologies, and Integration. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 24–33 

Jabour J (2012) Maritime security: Investing in safe shipping operations to help prevent marine pollution. In Hemmings AD, Rothwell DR and Scott KN (eds) Antarctic Security in the 21st Century: Legal and policy perspectives. Abingdon: Routledge, 238–256 

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Jabour J (2012) The Antarctic Treaty System: What’s on the horizon? Yearbook of Polar Law IV, 709–722

Hemmings AD and Jabour J (2011) Already a Special Case? Australian Antarctic Policy in the First Decade of the Antarctic Treaty. In Griffiths T and M Haward (eds) Australia and the Antarctic Treaty System: 50 Years of Influence. Sydney, UNSW Press, 118–137 

Jabour J and Haward MG (2011) Resources. In Griffiths T and M Haward (eds) Australia and the Antarctic Treaty System: 50 Years of Influence. Sydney, UNSW Press 222–242

Grimaldi W, Jabour J and Woehler EJ (2010) Considerations for minimizing the spread of infectious diseases in Antarctic seabirds and seals, Polar Record 47:1, 56

Jabour J (2010) Biological Prospecting: The ethics of exclusive reward from Antarctic activities, Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, 10, 19

Jabour J (2010) Aliens in an ancient landscape: Rabbits, rats and tourists on Macquarie Island, in J Carlsen and R Butler (eds) Island Tourism Development: Journeys to Sustainability, CABI, 11

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Jabour J (2010) The double-edged sword of Australia’s whaling policy, in W Gullett, C Schofield and J Vince (eds) Marine Resources Management, LexisNexis Butterworths, 157

Jabour J (2009) ‘Safe Ships and Clean Seas’: Evading a mandatory shipping code for Antarctic waters, New Zealand Yearbook of International Law (2008) 6, 93

Jabour J (2009) Can whales be both a metaphor for civilised society, and dinner? 7th Phillip Law Lecture 2008, The Phillip Law Lectures Vol. 2: 2006 to 2008, State of Tasmania, 34

Jabour J (2009) National Antarctic Programs and their impact on the environment, in K Kerry and M Riddle (eds) The Health of Antarctic Wildlife: a challenge for science and policy, Springer, 211

Jabour, J and Haward M (2009) Antarctic Science, Politics and IPY Legacies, in J Shadian and M Tennberg (eds) Legacies and Change in Polar Sciences: Historical, legal and political reflections on the International Polar Year, Ashgate, 101

Jabour J and Iliff M (2009) Theatre sports in the Southern Ocean: Engagement options for Australia in whale research protest action, Australian Journal of International Affairs 63:2, 268


Current Work in Progress

Hislop C and Jabour J (2014) Quality Matters: High Seas MPAs, Ocean Yearbook 29, 2014 (commissioned article, in press)

Jabour J (2014) Progress towards the mandatory code for polar shipping, Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs (commissioned article, in press)

Jabour J (2014) Pharand’s Arctic Treaty: Would an Antarctic Treaty-style Model Work in the Arctic? in Lalonde, S and McDorman, T (eds) Collection of Arctic essays honouring Donat Pharand, USA: Brill (commissioned chapter, in press)

Haward M and Jabour J (2014) Environmental Change and Governance Challenges in the Southern Ocean, in Stephens T and vanderZwaag D, Polar Oceans Governance in an Era of Environmental Change,Edward Elgar (in press)

Teaching/Coordination Commitments in 2014

KSA101 – Introduction to Antarctic Studies

KSA201 – Protecting Antarctica

KSA302 – International Marine Management

KSA412/710 – The Antarctic Environment

KSA722 – Integrated Management and Conservation of Antarctica

Current Supervision

  • Johnny Grøneng Aase – Satellite-based monitoring of maritime activities in remote waters
  • Larelle Bossi – The philosophy of fishing
  • Lucy deVreeze – A substantive and factual evaluation of the policy benefits and legal implications of private organisations in international law
  • Indi Hodgson-Johnston – Beyond the Bases: Sovereignty in Antarctica
  • Hanne Elliot Fonss Nielsen – Not for Sale? Symbolic uses of Antarctica for commercial Purposes  
  • Jacqueline Turner – Adaptive Management Responses: The Impact of Climate Change on Commercial Fisheries