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Professor Nathan Bindoff

Prof Nathan Bindoff

Nathan Bindoff is Professor of Physical Oceanography and Climate Change and Ocean Processes program leader at the University of Tasmania and  CSIRO Marine Research Laboratories. He is Director of the Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing, leader of the ACE CRC’s Climate Futures for Tasmania project and Chief Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Climate System Science. Nathan is a physical oceanographer, specialising in ocean climate and the earth’s climate system, with a focus on understanding the causes of change in the oceans. As coordinating lead author for the Oceans chapter in the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report he contributed to the IPCC winning the Noble Peace Prize in 2007, shared with Al Gore. He is now a coordinating lead author of the Detection and Attribution chapter in the Fifth Assessment Report for the IPCC.

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T: +61 3 62262986
E: n.bindoff@acecrc.org.au

Dr Andrew Constable

Dr Andrew ConstableDr Andrew Constable is leader of the ACE Ecosystem Impacts Program and is a marine zoologist by background. His research interests involve the development of population, food web and ecosystem models to facilitate studies on ecosystem dynamics and to aid the development of appropriate conservation measures and sustainable fishing limits. This includes taking into account the impacts of climate change. Dr Constable is actively involved in negotiation with international science collaborators and coordination with industry, government and NGOs. He is also a Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Antarctic Division.

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T: +61 3 6232 3558

Dr Steve Rintoul

Dr Steve RintoulDr Rintoul is leader of the ACE Oceans Program and an expert in physical oceanography. He is widely acknowledged as a world leader in Southern Ocean research. He has made pioneering contributions to understanding the dynamics, structure and variability of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and his work has led to a new view of the major pathways of the global overturning circulation and its role in the climate system.  He is presently leading the development of international plans for a multi-disciplinary Southern Ocean Observing System. Dr Rintoul is also Research Team Leader at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research.

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T: +61 3 6232 5393
E: steve.rintoul@csiro.au

Professor Tom Trull

Prof Tom TrullProf Tom Trull is leader of the ACE Carbon Program and a chemist and oceanographer by background. His interests include investigating the carbon cycle of the Southern Ocean, the ocean’s ongoing ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere, ocean acidification and ocean fertilisation. As well as ACE Carbon Program Leader, his current positions include CSIRO-UTAS Professor of Marine Biogeochemistry; CSIRO-UTAS Quantitative Marine Science PhD Program Director; IMOS Southern Ocean Time Series Facility Leader and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Adjunct Scientist.

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T: +61 3 6226 2988
E: tom.trull@utas.edu.au

Dr Tas van Ommen

Dr Tas van OmmenDr van Ommen is leader of the ACE Cryosphere Program. His main research interests centre around ice core palaeoclimate studies generally, and in particular, integrating ice core records with meteorological data. His role as leader of the Cryosphere team includes overseeing ACE’s ice sheet and sea ice investigations. Dr van Ommen is involved through the International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS), in developing plans for recovering the oldest ice from the Antarctic ice sheet. This aims to link ice sheet dynamics and ice core data, to identify potential locations where oldest ice might be located, and more generally to understand the history and evolution of the ice sheet.  Dr van Ommen is also Program Leader for Climate Processes and Change with the Australian Antarctic Division. 

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T: +61 3 6226 2981
E: Tas.Van.ommen@aad.gov.au