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Climate Science for Australia's Future


Antarctic sea ice tops 20-million square kilometres (19 September 2014)

Antarctic sea ice cover hits new recorded maximum (15 September 2014)



Congratulations Professor Ian Allison - Phillip Law Medal (June 2013)

Scientists solve 30-year mystery of the deep (February 2013)



Research helps scientists understand climate change risk to Antarctic food webs (December 2012)

ACE CRC team wins national disaster resilience award

Antarctic voyage brings home rare glimpse under the sea ice

Webtool will help coastal planners adapt to rising sea levels

First 3-D map under East Antarctic sea ice

National award for young ACE CRC scientist

High-tech Antarctic voyage will investigate life in the sea-ice zone

Ice core reveals unusual decline in eastern Australian rainfall (August 2012)

New research closes the gap between warming and rising CO2 (July 2012)

Report Card: Sea-Level Rise 2012 released (July 2012)

Potential regime shift in decreased sea ice production after the Mertz Glacier calving (May 2012)


Research shows that Southern Ocean is warming and freshening (November 2011)

New research projects an increase in Tasmania’s extreme weather events (October 2011)

New insights into the formation of the East Antarctic ice sheet (June 2 2011)

Report Card: Southern Ocean Acidification (April 5 2011)

Climate Futures - Impacts on Agriculture Report Release (March 11 2011)

Climate Futures - Water and Catchments Report Release (March 11 2011)



Climate Conversations (17 Nov 2010)

Climate Futures for Tasmania - General Climate Impacts Report Launched (12 Oct 2010)

Coastal Erosion with Climate Change (20 Aug 2010)

Climate Change: the Science is in and its time to move on (19 Aug 2010)

Large Iceberg Breaks Off the Mertz Glacier in Australian Antarctic Territory (26 Feb 2010)


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